Non Domestic Rates: Renewable Energy Generation Relief Application Form

Renewable Energy Generation Relief
Address of property for which you are claiming
Rateable Values

The qualifying conditions for the purposes of the scheme is defined as a business owning, leasing or otherwise entitled to occupy one or more business properties in Scotland with a total combined rateable value of

Other Non Domestic Rate Liabilities
Are you liable for Non Domestic Rates on any other property in Scotland? If YES please detail below any other business premises you or your company/organisation are liable for in Scotland:
Details of Liability
Premises Address
Details of Liability
Premises Address
Details of Liability
Premises Address
Rate Demand Notice
If any of the above properties are outside Argyll and Bute, please enclose a copy of your most recent rates demand notice.
E.C de minimus State Aid

Applicants should note that the Renewable Energy Generation relief for which they are applying is granted as de minimis aid for State aid purposes. There is currently a ceiling of 200,000 Euros (around

Change in Circumstances
It is your duty to inform the Council of any change in circumstances which may affect your eligibility for the scheme. Please provide us with contact details in case we need further information.

I understand that:

The Council is under an obligation to manage public funds properly. Accordingly information that you provide the Council will be used to ensure all sums due to the
Council are paid timeously. The information may also be used to prevent and detect fraud. It is possible that this information may be shared for the same purposes with public bodies, including Councils or other organisations which handle public funds.

I agree that:

You may make any enquiries necessary to check the information I have given. I understand that any relief awarded to me as a result of misleading statements deliberately given on this form will be recovered in full and that I may be liable to legal action.

I Declare that:

The information I have given on this form is true, complete and correct. I understand that the deliberate provision of false information in order to achieve financial gainis a criminal offence.


Before submitting this form to Argyll and Bute Council, please check the following.

Have you included all the information ?
(e.g. rateable values of any other business properties which you have anywhere in Scotland, details of other public sector assistance received)