Iona vehicle permit form

Due to an increase in the numbers of complaints and damage to the road infrastructure on the Isle of Iona, the Traffic Regulation Order is now being strictly enforced from Monday 31st July

There is a free car park with  capacity for approximately 140 vehicles close to the Columba Centre and another car park at the Fionnphort Pier which has capacity for approximately 70 vehicles and is charged at £1 per hour.

Iona is a small island and it’s easy to get around on foot. The Abbey, for example, is only 10 minutes’ walk from the pier. Bikes can be hired on the island, and there is a local taxi available to help the weary or heavily laden. If you are coming to stay, many accommodation providers offer a pick up from the pier if you let them know in advance when you will be arriving – please check with them directly.

Why do I need this licence?

The Argyll and Bute Council (island of Iona) (prohibition of vehicles)(amendment) order 2006

Strathclyde Regional Council brought the above mentioned Orders into force on 9 October 1978 and November 1985 and amended by Argyll and Bute Council July 2006 intimating that:-

No person shall drive or cause or permit to be driven any motor vehicle on the roads specified in the Schedule to this Order unless the vehicle has been so authorised in writing by Argyll and Bute Council and unless:-

  1. the vehicle is registered as ordinarily kept or is to be kept on the Island of Iona and belongs to a person holding a permit issued by the Argyll and Bute Council certifying that they are ordinarily resident on the Island of Iona, “ordinarily resident” being interpreted as referring to residence for at least eight months in each year.
  2. the vehicle is one which is adapted to convey a disabled person who holds a blue badge or
  3. the vehicle is being used in connection with agriculture or forestry on the Island of Iona or
  4. the vehicle is being used by the Police, Fire or Ambulance Service or in the course of duty by the local doctor, district nurse, local veterinary surgeon, local dentist or local parish clergyman or
  5. the vehicle is being used by statutory undertakers in pursuit of undertaking or
  6. the vehicle is being used in connection with a funeral or
  7. the vehicle is being used by a local authority in carrying out the function of a Local Authority or
  8. the vehicle is a goods vehicle and is delivering goods, materials, livestock (but not passengers or a caravan) to or from the Island of Iona. “Good Vehicles” means a vehicle constructed or adapted for use for the conveyance of goods or burden of any description but not including a dual purpose vehicle or
  9. the vehicle has been authorised for a specific purpose by the Argyll and Bute Council to be driven on all or any of the roads specified in the Schedule to this Order.
  10. the vehicle is being used to convey specialised equipment to allow a disabled person to stay for one or more nights on Iona, and will only be driven between the ferry slip and the accommodation.
  11. the vehicle is being used to covey a disabled person who has considerable difficulty in walking more than fifty metres and who holds a blue badge.
  12. the vehicle is being used by a person who owns a dwelling on Iona but is not “ordinarily resident” as defined in (a) above, and will only be driven between the ferry slip and the dwelling.

Argyll and Bute Council as statutory successors to the Regional Council now propose to issue permits to all members of the public whose vehicle comply with the above.

About you
(private car, van, etc.)
Vehicle Registration details
Is the vehicle registered ordinarily kept on Iona or is it to be kept on Iona?
Is the vehicle licensed as a goods vehicle
I certify that the above information is correct and that the conditions under which exemption is claimed are met.

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