Flexible Food Fund Application Form

ABFFF offers financial support and wider confidential professional help to anyone suffering hardship. Working in partnership with the Community Food Forum, Bute Advice Centre and ALIenergy, households with low incomes and no access to cash savings can apply for immediate financial support. The Fund will help support daily living expenses. 

If the claimant engages with these services, a second payment will be made to contribute to a further months daily living expenses.

Applications to the Fund can be made only once, unless exceptional circumstances are evident and verified by Bute Advice Centre staff.

Initial applications should be made via the online claim form below. If you need help or support to complete the form please call us on 01700 502784 and ask about the Argyll and Bute Flexible Food Fund.

Additional help

When claiming for the Flexible Food Fund, you will also be considered for a Crisis Grant to meet any immediate needs for help with daily living expenses.

Working with the Community Food Forum a referral route to ABFFF is also available through local foodbanks. This will ensure families with a genuine need are properly assessed for support and receive professional help.

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i.e have you recently lost your job/been furloughed/self-employed/low income, etc