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The Employability Team supports those who are unemployed, and helps people to access skills, training, opportunities and jobs. Over the past 23 years, we have helped over 2,200 people access long term employment.

The Parental Employability Support Funds may also offer support to employed parents experiencing household poverty.

We work in partnerships across Argyll and Bute to deliver employability support services on behalf of PeoplePlus and the Scottish Government.

Fair Start

Fair Start Scotland is the new employment support service for Scotland. It’s here to help people who want to work but find it difficult based on their circumstances, and is delivered in Argyll and Bute by the Employability Team.

Find out more about Fair Start and how it can help you access employment here

Read some good news stories from people who have been helped back into employment through Fair Start Scotland

Parental Employability Support Fund (PESF)

The Parental Employability Support Fund (PESF) funded by the Scottish Government is designed to support low income families to increase their income through work, both through supporting parents to access paid employment and in helping those in lower paid jobs to progress to higher income.

Our PESF Engagement Workers deliver intensive in and out of work employability support, including person centred support to upskill, apply for jobs, gain progression whilst employment, money advice, health support, motivational support, etc. 

The PESF ERI programme plays an important role in supporting parents with the greatest barriers to employment to enable them to obtain and remain in sustainable employment.

Argyll and Bute Council are currently offering Employer Recruitment Incentives (ERIs) of up to £6,000 per participant.  This allows unemployed parents the opportunity to move into permanent or a fixed term employment contracts of up to 18 months or more.

Pre Employablity Support - Spark Your Purpose

Spark Your Purpose is a pre-employability programme that was established by InspirAlba with delivery partners across the third sector in 2021. Through our network of delivery partners, we were able to provide pre-employment support for young people and those aged over 25.

The focus of the programme is to tailor support that meets individual needs and develops confidence, skills, aspirations and resilience. The programme encourages the individual to explore their interests and aspirations and connects them to a locally-based organisation who provide them with support. The organisation will then tailor an activity plan to ignite a spark of interest and inspire engagement in the programme. Including:

  • Improving Health and Wellbeing; such as sessions of therapy or Reike, support to engage in exercise, or purchase equipment to encourage exercise our outdoor activity. We also work with Argyll and Bute TSI who coordinate mentor support for the programme.
  • Develop New Skills; gain a provisional driving licence and learning to drive, time to learn how to build something, take up a new hobby, or become involved in a local project.
  • Achieve Accredited Training; undertaking training, such as; CSCS Card, Food Hygiene Certificate, Chainsaw Certificate, Nail Technician, Plant and Machinery certificates.
  • Improving Confidence and Self Esteem; working one to one to understand barriers and look at opportunities in a positive way.

Pre-Employment Support – WorkingRite

WorkingRite support 16 – 24 year olds not in employment, education or training in Argyll and Bute.  WorkingRite’s model is focussed around the power of relationships and mentoring, and work alongside small business locally to tailor an individualised work based learning programme to every young person we work with.  WorkingRite’s model is split into 3 key delivery areas.

  • Rite to Work – an in-school intervention designed to work with young people in the S4 stage who need access to a vocational pathway prior to leaving school. 
  • Our Core Programme supports young people 16-24 through a reach into small businesses and offering matched, mentored placements. 
  • On your Side mentoring – Designed to offer an adult mentor to young people who have achieved employment, apprenticeship or further education.  These mentors will help guide young people through the transition from support into employment and navigate the speed bumps that occur in the first year of a new career journey.

The charity currently deliver programmes in Oban and Lochgilphead offering paid mentored work placements and real opportunities with local businesses. For more information contact  Audrey on 07341 561965 / Fiona on 07788 900049

Intermediate Labour Market – Wage Subsidy Placements

Inspiralba are the lead body delivering ILM employability support for long term unemployed on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council via No One Left Behind Scottish Government Funding.  This will support 28 supported employment opportunities, (waged employment experience based on 30 hrs per week at Living Wage including NI and Pension Contributions for each participant, but also recognising the need for flexibility and scope to include part time and flexible working depending on individual circumstances).  These will be based with social enterprises across Argyll and Bute, taking in to account skills shortages and longer term employment opportunities, including, hospitality, introduction to construction, care services and the green economy. Find out more about this service and their contact details.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about our services and what we can do for you.

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