Argyll Educational Trust Application Form

Summary of Main Award Criteria

  • Students from the County of Argyll (excluding Helensburgh and Bute) that reside away from home in order to attend University/College/Central Institutions etc.
  • Post Graduate Scholarships.
  • Supplementary awards for students attending University/College/Central Institutions etc – i.e. travel.
  • Over 21’s reaching qualifications to attend University/College/Central institutions etc.
  • Emergency assistance for students from the County of Argyll.
  • Assistance in obtaining practical experience of trades etc.
  • Educational excursions.
  • Special educational equipment.
  • Sports facilities (pitches/pools/pavilions etc)
  • Support of clubs etc that provide work of an educational nature.
  • School Hostel amenities.
  • Adult Education.
  • Promoting Education in the Visual Arts.
  • Promoting Education in Music.
  • Promoting Education in Drama.
  • Educational Experiments and Research.

The Award panel meets 4 times per year


Deadline for Applications

Panel Meeting and Award Issued


31 January


30 April


31 August


30 November



Section A
To be completed by Schools/Clubs/Organisations etc.
Membership/Number in party
Section B
To be completed by individual applicant
Details of education
Financial circumstances