Application to use street or pavement space for display

Put no, if you are applying on your own behalf or on behalf of a business that you work for
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Put none if not registered for VAT
Business Address
Premises for which Permission is Required
Premises Address
e.g. flower shop, fruit and veg shop, bookshop
Ownership of Premises
Occupation of the footway / pavement

Check for local guidance notes which may clarify what is permitted in your area and give detailed requirements – many
local authorities do not authorise shop front displays and/or “A” boards on the pavement or footway

Public Liability insurance

You must have a suitable level of public liability insurance to cover this activity – check local requirements.

Additional Details

Provide any additional information which is required or relevant to your application (check for local guidance notes and
conditions which may provide details of specific requirements in your area)


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