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Growing Our OwnIf you are just starting to build your career, we would like you to take your firsts steps with us. If you have skills and enthusiasm for public service, we would like you to join us. If you already work with us, we will help you realise your full potential.

Our Growing Our Own initiative is the driving force which makes all this happen.


We are working to make Argyll and Bute a place people choose to live, learn work and do business.

As part of this we are creating opportunities for young people to gain experience and qualifications with us that will give them choice and opportunities to build rewarding careers.   Find out more about our Modern Apprentices to get an idea of the success we are achieving together.

As a council we deliver a wide range of services. This means we have opportunities for numerous professions and interests, from social workers, surveyors and teachers, to lawyers, administrative assistants and mechanics.

We want to attract and retain the best. To do that we will offer development opportunities, so that you can realise your full potential and develop an awarding career with us. Together we can develop our future leaders and ensure we have an effective workforce for the future.