European Parliament Elections

About the European Parliament Elections

The European Parliament represents people living in European Union (EU) countries, and covers a range of issues including:

  • animal rights
  • consumer rights
  • the environment
  • international trade
  • regional economic development
  • workers' rights

You can find out more about the European Parliament from their website


Elections are held every 5 years.

Who represents Scotland - Find out which MEPs currently represent Scotland

Who is eligible to vote?

You can vote in the European Parliament elections if you are registered to vote and you are:

  • A British citizen living in the UK
  • A qualifying Commonwealth citizen living in the UK
  • A citizen of the Republic of Ireland living in the UK
  • A European Union citizen living in the UK
  • Someone registered to vote as a Crown Servant
  • Someone registered to vote as a Service voter

NB: All electors must be 18 years of age or over (if they are 18 years on the day of the election they can vote in that election).

For details about how to register, or how to vote - visit the main elections page

Results - Election held on 23rd May 2019

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Results - Election held 22 May 2014

Voter turnout in Argyll and Bute in the European Parliament Election 2014 was nearly 5% higher than in 2009, with 40.6% of the electorate casting their vote.

27,479 votes were cast from an electorate of 67,668, representing a 4.9% increase on the 35.7% turnout in 2009's European Parliament Election.  

People across Argyll and Bute voted on Thursday 22 May for the Scotland region constituency, which returns six MEPs to the European Parliament.

The results in Argyll and Bute are as follow:

Britain First - 312
British National Party - 195
Conservative Party - 5,191
Labour Party - 3,695
Liberal Democrats - 5,174
NO2EU - 122
Scottish Green Party - 1,912
Scottish National Party (SNP) - 7,792
UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 3,030


Results of previous elections

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