School Registration - Questions and Answers

Due to Covid-19 Primary 1 registration will take place online. With this application form you can:

  • Apply for P1 at your catchment school
  • Register for a placing request at a school outwith your catchment area
  • Defer entry to P1
  • Apply for School Transport

Register for school now

 1.    Do I have to register my child for Education?

If you want your child to attend a school within Argyll and Bute then yes, you must complete the online application form. Click on the following link to access the form:

You do not need to register for Primary 1 if you are going to home educate your child.

If your child’s birthday falls 1st September 2017 and 28 February 2018 then you are also entitled to another year of funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) and defer your child’s entry to P1 until August 2022. You can indicate that you wish to apply for a deferred entry to P1 on the P1 application form. Get more information about deferred entries.

2.    Where can I found out information on what Education is available in my area?

Get up-to-date information on all schools across Argyll and Bute, including denominational and Gaelic Medium Education.

The information leaflet ‘Sending Your Child to School’ should be read prior to registering for Primary 1. You should also be aware that you have the right to choose a school outwith your catchment area school. This is called a placing request. The online form has a section for you to advise us if you wish to make a placing request.

3.    Will there be a chance to visit the school both as a parent and a child?

If and when Covid-19 restrictions allow for this schools will be in touch with you with arrangements. If Covid-19 restrictions are not lifted individual schools will be in touch with you about individual, alternative arrangements for example virtual tours.

4.    There is additional information about my child that you need to know such as additional support needs, health information or allergies. How do you I let you know about this?

You will be contacted by the school following the registration period and will be able to discuss your child’s needs directly with the school.

5.    Why do you need my email and phone number?

Your contact details will be used to communicate with you both prior to your child starting school and once they are enrolled. We will be able to advise you of any open days (depending on Covid-19 regulations), send you copies of the school handbook, details of school uniform purchases and communicate with you about any questions you may have about your child starting school. We will also use it to collect any additional information that we may need about your child’s health or additional support needs.

You can find more about how we use your data in our privacy notices. Read the education privacy notices.

6.    What happens now that I have completed the online application form for P1?

Please note you will not receive an automated email to confirm your application has been received.  Once your application has been submitted you will get a new screen which says "Thank you your submission has been received".

Your information will be shared with your chosen school to allow them to start planning for the new school session. Schools will contact you to request further information about your child and to share details of the transition process with you.

If you have made a placing request to a school outwith your catchment area school your information will be shared with them. In the event that the placing request is refused any further information that has been provided will be shared with the catchment area school.

If you made a deferred application for an additional year of Early Learning and Childcare, your information will be shared with the Early Years team and the nursery your child currently attends. Your information will still be passed to the primary school you chose as you may change your mind about the deferred application between January and August when school starts.

7.    I made a mistake on the form I submitted – what do I do?

Please email with the details of what requires to be updated ensuring your include the name and date of birth of your child, and an Education Staff member will be able to take the correct information and update your application. Please do not submit another application form.

8.    I have registered online for my child to start P1 but have now decided to submit a placing request for another school – what do I do?

Please email with the details, including the name and date of birth of your child, and an Education Staff member will be able to update the information on your application. Please do not submit another application form.

9.    How do I apply for school transport?

The online Primary 1 application form has a section for you to complete requesting transport. This information will be shared with the Integrated Transport section. Get more information on Transport to school. You do not need to complete a separate application for school transport.

10. When will I receive confirmation that my child’s placing request is confirmed?

You will receive an acknowledgement of your placing request within 5 working days, however you will not receive confirmation as to whether it has been approved until the last week in April.

11. What happens if I am unable to complete the online Primary 1 application form?

Please phone your catchment area school and advise them you need to make an over the phone application. They will key your details directly into the online application form.

13. Am I eligible for a Clothing Grant and Free School Meal?

Apply for a clothing grant.  All pupils P1-P3 are universally entitled to FSM.

15. Where can I find a copy of the school handbook?

Much of the above information and additional detail on school life can be found in school handbooks. Schools will contact you following registration with a copy of the handbook.