Marriages - FAQs

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How many guests are able to attend at your Ceremony Room?

The local Registrar will be happy to inform you of the accommodation available at your chosen venue.

How much does it cost for a civil wedding?

The cost of your wedding can vary and will depend on where and when your wedding is to take place. The registrar will provide you with up to date information on current fees.

Can you provide witnesses?

The Registrar may be able to provide witnesses for you if your wedding is to take place Monday to Friday, this will of course be discussed prior to your wedding day.

Are there any residential qualifications to be married in Scotland and what documents do we require when submitting Marriage Notice Forms?

All the legal requirements for your wedding will be explained by the local registrar, these can be found on form RM1 available from any Registrar’s office in Scotland or alternatively can be found on the NRS website at 

Do we have to have wedding rings?

The Registrar will have ascertained beforehand whether one or two rings will be exchanged by you and will have assured you that should you not wish this, the absence of a ring will in no way affect the validity of your marriage.

How can we enhance our ceremony?

The Registrar will be happy to discuss any enhancements you may wish to have i.e. poetry or other readings, as long as they have no religious connection and the officiating registrar can have sight of your choice prior to your wedding day.

What time/days of the week do you conduct your ceremonies?

Normally marriages are conducted Monday to Saturday during times set by the local registrar.

Can we have music?

All offices have a music system for either tapes or discs. The Registrar can provide music or alternatively after discussion with the registrar, you may provide your own music, or arrange for a musical accompaniment (e.g. piper or other musician). This will be discussed with the officiating registrar, please note that all music must be non religious.

Can we have photographs taken and a video recording of our ceremony?

There are guidelines to ensure that photography or video recording does not distract from the dignity and solemnity of the marriage ceremony. The Registrar will provide you with these guidelines when you are arranging your ceremony.

Do you have parking available at your office?

The local Registrar will explain parking arrangements.

If we are being married at an outside venue what happens if it is raining on the day of our wedding?

When you are booking your wedding the registrar will explain that your wedding must have a wet weather alternative as registrars are not authorised to conduct civil weddings during inclement weather.

Can we throw confetti?

The use of confetti is permitted but only outside the building. Please remind your guests to dispose of empty boxes carefully.

Do I need to take my partner's surname after we are married?


How much does it cost for a copy of a marriage certificate after my wedding?

The cost is £10.00

I have lost my marriage certificate how much does it cost for a replacement?

£10 within the calendar month thereafter £15

We were married abroad and are concerned our marriage may not be valid in Scotland can we have a civil marriage here?

Under certain circumstances e.g. where previous marriage abroad is of doubtful validity, you may be permitted to have a civil marriage in Scotland.  Please contact your local registrar for advice.

What is a Marriage Schedule?

A Marriage Schedule is the legal document that is required to be married in Scotland and is provided by the Registrar

What surname do I sign on the Marriage Schedule?

You must sign in the name shown on the Marriage Schedule

My partner and I are profoundly deaf and will require sign language interpreters at our civil marriage ceremony. Can the council help?


Can I legally marry my cousin?