Shielding and wellbeing

Lockdown restrictions have been introduced from 5 January 2021 To help protect you from the new strain of coronavirus, new measures are being introduced across Scotland from midnight on 5 January. These measures are currently in place until the end of January, but this will be regularly reviewed. More information is available on the Scottish Government website

Check Coronavirus case numbers and data in your local area:

Public Health Scotland’s interactive dashboard now provides a map showing the number of cases in local areas, as well as trends for local authorities and NHS boards

Mainland Argyll and Bute and some islands are moving to Protection Level 4 from 26th December 2020, and the Scottish Government have issued updated guidance for people who were shielding. They are not asking you to go back into shielding. Advice for Level 4:

  • Minimise contact with people outside your own household if you can
  • You should not take public transport
  • Strictly follow the guidelines when shopping and limiting the number of times you go to a shop
  • The Chief Medical Officer will issue a fit note (your shielding letter)
  • Children on the shielding list should not attend school or college in person
  • Shop at quieter times

Visit for more information, or call the National Helpline on 0800 111 4000 9am-5pm. Read the latest questions and answers from the Scottish Government

We are aware that some shielded residents of Argyll and Bute have received texts from the national shielding text service advising that their areas are now at restriction Level 4 and to follow the shielding advice appropriate to that level. This is a technical issue where a postcode for some shielded people straddles a council barrier. Shielded residents of a council area, should always follow the guidance relevant to the restriction level set for their council area and this is available on the Scottish government coronavirus website.

The Scottish Government has produced guidance to help you understand what sort of activities are safer than others - read the Scottish Government guidance on daily activities here

Priority access to online supermarket delivery slots

Anyone who was placed on the Shielding list by the Chief Medical Officer is entitled to register for priority access to online supermarket delivery slots.

If you have not already registered for priority access, you will be able to register now.

To register for priority access, the easiest way to do this is through the Scottish Government text message service – if you have already signed up this service, just text 1SHOP to 07860 064525 from your mobile phone. If you have not already signed up for the text message service, you can find details on how to sign up below. After you have done this, text 1SHOP to 07860 064525.

If you cannot use this text message service, you can register for priority access using our online form. You will need to have your 10 digit CHI (Community Health Index) number handy when you fill in this form (you can find this on any of the letters the Scottish Government have sent you about shielding).

If you cannot use our online form, you can call us on 01546 605524 to register for priority access – please select option 5 when you call, and have your CHI number handy.

You will need to already be enrolled with a supermarket for online deliveries to register for priority access, and it can take up to 3 weeks for your request to be processed.

These Frequently Asked Questions give you more information about the services, which supermarkets are participating, and who to contact if you are having problems.

Scottish Government text messaging service

The Scottish Government's text messaging service is available for people who were shielding to recieve the latest updates from the Scottish Government in the event of any new national or local lockdown restrictions, and useful information to help keep you safe.

You can sign up by texting your 10 digit CHI number to 07860 064525. You can find your CHI number on the shielding letter you have received. Please do not include any other information. The service will confirm that you are on the shielding list.

The Scottish Government will never ask you for sensitive personal information or your banking details. If you receive a suspicious text message, you can report it by calling Police Scotland on 101.

Flu vaccinations for people who were shielding

The new restrictions will not affect people's ability to leave their house and attend an appointment for a seasonal flu vaccination. Both you and your household members will be offered a free flu vaccination this year.

It is important you get your flu jag for three reasons:

  1. Flu can be serious and life threatening. Every year thousands of people in Scotland are hospitalised with flu. People with health conditions are 18 times more likely to die from flu than those without health conditions.
  2. To reduce the risk of spreading flu to friends and family.
  3. To help our NHS avoid the pressure that a spike in seasonal flu would put on top of COVID-19.

If you have urgent medical needs you should contact your GP or NHS 111.

British Sign Language videos are available explaining steps you can take to help avoid infection from coronavirus (COVID-19); what to do if you think you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms; self-isolation and shielding advice and helpline information.