Coronavirus – updates for Communities on Covid-19

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Our Caring for People is a partnership approach with Health and Social Care Partnership, Third Sector Interface (TSI) and the Council. Working together, we will continue to develop the content for this page to help support our communities deal with the impacts of coronavirus. If you have any comments or additional information for this webpage please contact

   Resources for volunteering and supporting people   Funding  Community and Third Sector support

This page was updated at:  15:30 29/04/20

Do you need help for yourself or someone you know?

Coronavirus Caring for People Helpline Service

For help with Financial; Business; Health; Education; Registration; Social, Domestic and Medical Homecare Needs and volunteering.   Read more about this new service.

Further information if you have received a letter from the Scottish Government Chief Medical Officer advising you to stay at home for 12 weeks


Contact us for help now; either for yourself or on behalf of another.

Out-of-hours emergency contact details are available

01546 605524   -  open 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri

This helpline is also the Local Assessment Centre for anyone asked to stay at home for 12 weeks (shielding)

Please leave this line open for vulnerable people who may not be able to help themselves if you have other options.

There may be a number of active support groups in your area that may be able to help you - click on your area below to find active groups

Bute and Cowal  Helensburgh and Lomond Mid Argyll, Kintyre and Islands  Oban Lorn and the Isles


For the latest information on symptoms, staying safe and government guidelines on self-isolating and social distancing, please see the NHS Inform website

We also have information on keeping safe and healthy, as well as help for any worries and anxiety you may having during this time, on our health advice page

Getting help with food

Protecting yourself and others – a short guide to staying safe and getting the support you need

Animal welfare advice - help and advice for pet and livestock owners

Do you want to help or are you a volunteer?

Our volunteering page has information for people who want to volunteer, people who are already volunteering, and people who are helping out family, friends and neighbours in their communities

Volunteering and supporting people - get guidance, tips and support

Do you need funding for your community group or organisation?

Our funding section lists details of the latest funding opportunities available for community groups and organisations supporting people during the Coronavirus

Get the latest funding information here

Support for third sector and community groups

Information from the Third Sector Interface to support third sector organisations

Argyll & Bute TSI has a COVID-19 Resources section on their website with information pertinent to the third sector. The Third Sector Interface provides information for Charities, Social Enterprises and Community Groups on Covid-19, funding, changes to governance and reporting, safe volunteering and access to a free phone number for 3rd Sector Support at this time.

If you are a third sector organisation needing support, please reach out directly to the TSI via phone at 0300 303 4141 or email at

Information from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

SCVO has a Community Assistance Directory site The page also contains a link to COVID-19 Information Hub for Third Sector organisations which contains useful information and a news bulletin organisations can sign up for. 

Information regarding support to Social Enterprises from Social Enterprise Scotland

The Scottish Government have announced a £20 million Third Sector Resilience Fund to help ensure the health and continued viability of social enterprise and third sector organisations. More information can be found here.  Social Enterprise Scotland have created a resources page regarding financial and other support specifically in relation to Coronavirus Covid-19. Social Enterprise Scotland remains open for business and have asked that any members with specific concerns on Covid-19 and the impact on their business to contact

Social Enterprises can also contact Inspiralba who provide support and information to Social Enterprises across Argyll and the islands.  Given the pace of change and range of responses, local knowledge is informed via weekly update meetings with national social enterprise partners, including SENScot and Just Enterprise.  Inspiralba are also delivery partners for Scottish Government Just Enterprise support, with advisors including Business Resilience Support, able to assist organisations with specific challenges as a result of the impact of Covid19 on their sustainability, this includes, for example support to work through cash flow and identify the appropriate support options to ensure they remain sustainable to retain vital services beyond Covid19 lockdown.  Information on support is available on Inspiralba CoronaVirus Support Page and via e mail to tel: 07748674861

Information for Gypsy / Travellers - a Facebook page has been set up for the Gypsy / Traveller community in Scotland - this is a a joint intitiative of the Scottish Government, COSLA, Article 12 in Scotland, MECOPP, Progress in Dialogue and STEP, and aims to provide factual and up-to-date information on Coronavirus to the Gypsy/Traveller community in Scotland.

Help, advice and support for those volunteering and helping out in their communities - our volunteering page has lots of helpful advice and guidance for individuals and groups that are supporting people

Funding - our funding page is kept up to date with the latest funding news and sources for community and third sector groups

Information specifically for businesses that are affected by COVID 19 can be found here.

Animal Welfare Advice

Scottish Government Advice for Animal Owners

If you are too unwell to care for your animals and do not have anyone nearby who can help, for further advice and support please phone:


How is the Council working with our partners?

There are clear structures in place in Argyll and Bute to enable partners to work together to minimise the risks to our people from coronavirus. This includes an area wide group called Caring for People that will meet every day for the foreseeable future to help to plan and co-ordinate what we need to do. Members of this group come from the NHS, third sector, and social care. This group reports to several high level groups and has the ability to escalate issues to the attention of the people who can make decisions and provide leadership and support.

The work of the Caring for People Partnership is in line with national recommendations for community resilience and there are guidelines for what we should be doing. Members of the group recognise the importance of local activity that is already going on and aim to complement this work and provide additional support.

In the coming days we will have many local groups up and running to help support local Caring for People work.

We hope that you find the information on this page useful to help your manage fears and anxieties around coronavirus, and that our joint community efforts will help everyone feel supported at this time.