Coronavirus - FAQs

Q. I have recently had a baby and need to register their birth. How can I do this?

The National Records of Scotland has agreed to postpone all birth registrations until normal service has resumed.

Q. How do I register a death?

The UK emergency Coronavirus Bill has passed and includes provisions that allow remote death and still-birth registration in Scotland.  This means rather than a face to face appointment, registrations must now be arranged by phone. Please contact your local registrar on 01546 605521 to arrange a remote appointment.

Immediate family only should attend funerals (maximum 8), keeping social distancing rules in place at all times.

Q. Are cremations/burials still going ahead?

Cremations and/or burials that have already been arranged will still go ahead, but attendance is limited to immediate family members only.

Q. I am due to get married in Argyll and Bute within the next three weeks. What should I do?

If you have booked your wedding with our Registrars we will do our best to try and accommodate a new date for you. If your wedding is being conducted by another celebrant then you should check with them what their procedure is for postponement.

Marriage notices are valid for three calendar months from the date they are signed so, if you are looking to delay the wedding until a date within this period, you’ll not need to re-submit them and the fee you have paid will stand.

Q. I have just become homeless and have nowhere to stay. What should I do?

Our housing officers are available to take your calls from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, on the following numbers:

Campbeltown – 01586 559054

Dunoon – 01369 708535

Helensburgh – 01436 658806

Lochgilphead – 01586 559054

Oban – 01631 567926

If you need to contact us out with these hours, please call our out of hours number 0345 056 5457.

Q. I urgently need a copy of my birth/wedding certificate. Can I still get this?

The National Records of Scotland is still accepting online orders. Please visit:

Q. I am self-employed and have had to close by business for the time being due to coronavirus. Is there any financial help available?

Some help may be available through the Self-employment Income Support Scheme, and other options if you are not eligible for this. Please visit to find out more.

Q. I would like to submit a planning application. Can I still do this?

If you would like to submit documents/applications as hard copies, this can be done either via the Scottish Government Portal or electronically to the appropriate area office detailed below:- 

Q. I have a question about my benefits?

Please see the council website for lots of information about benefits and grants


Q. I have been asked to hand in a document for benefits verification to my local service point. What should I do now?

For benefits, such as the Scottish Welfare Fund, we accept scanned documents, as well photographs of documents taken by mobile phones/iPads etc. If you can’t supply your document to us in a digital format we will also accept written confirmation that it has been seen by a responsible officer (such as your care worker). If this is not possible either, your claim will still be awarded but you will be required to provide us with a copy of your verification document when normal council business resumes.

Q. How can I pay my Council Tax if I can't get to a Paypoint?

Payments for a number of services, including council tax, can be made on the council website If you do not have a bank card, or are unable to make a payment in this way, please call us on 01546 605511.


Q. I have been made redundant as a result of COVID 19 and I’m struggling for money. Is there any help available?

If you have enough NI contributions, you may be able to claim contributions, you may be able to claim contributory (new style) Employment Support Allowance (ESA).  You can make a claim by phoning 0800 055 6688. If you don’t have enough NI contributions or if you also have rent costs, claim Universal Credit.  Apply online or phone 0800 328 5644.

You won’t have to attend any appointments at the JobCentre to start your claim, and won’t have to attend any medicals to prove you are unfit for work if you are affected by the coronavirus.


Q. Will my bins still be collected as per my uplift calendar?

For further information about bin collections, visit: