Births, Deaths and Marriages


The UK emergency Coronavirus Bill has passed and includes provisions that allow remote death and still-birth registration in Scotland.  This means rather than a face to face appointment, registrations must now be arranged by phone. Please contact your local registrar on 01546 605521 to arrange a remote appointment.

Immediate family only should attend funerals (maximum 8), keeping social distancing rules in place at all times


With immediate effect we will not be taking any appointments for Birth Registration. Please continue to check this page for updates on when this service will resume.

National Records of Scotland does not see a pressing social or public health need to maintain the normal 21-day timeframe for in-person registration of births at this time.

National Records of Scotland is in discussion with HMRC and Social Security Scotland about how best to validate claims for Child Benefit and other benefits following the birth of a child. This information will be provided as soon as it is available.

We will continue to update this page with information as it becomes available.


Following advice on the prevention of public gatherings from the UK and Scottish Government, and to help delay the spread of COVID-19, a decision has been taken that marriages and civil partnerships will not take place in the pandemic period.

This means that no Marriage Schedules will be issued during this time and no ceremonies will be conducted.

National Records of Scotland will  take advice about when it is safe to lift the restriction on the issue of Schedules, but couples due to be married in the coming weeks should be advised that their ceremony will not go ahead until the restriction on producing Schedules for weddings has been lifted. 

During the period when the restriction on issuing Schedules for marriages is in place, couples should not submit their notices to be lodged with their registrar.

The exception to this instruction is where a couple wish to apply to the Registrar General for a dispensation to marry as the Scottish Government and NRS recognise that even during a pandemic period, circumstances can still occur which necessitate an urgent need to marry or civilly partner.

For frequently asked questions please visit our Marriage page



For urgent enquiries only please contact 01546605521 or email