Provost presents special plaque to Atlantis Leisure on their 21st anniversary

Published Date: 

10 Dec 2013 - 15:54

Argyll and Bute Council’s Provost, Councillor Len Scoullar, presented a plaque to Atlantic Leisure last Saturday on behalf of the council to commemorate their 21st  anniversary

Over the past twenty-one years, Atlantis Leisure has developed and evolved to be a successful and hugely valued facility of which many local families have wonderful memories.

Atlantis Leisure is revered by all who are involved in community projects and Third Sector development as a major success story of a group of philanthropic individuals who came together with ideas and turned them into a single vision.

This “people’s venture”, which started out in 1991, has benefitted the whole of Oban, its surrounding areas and indeed many visitors to the town.

Councillor Scoullar said, “On behalf of Argyll and Bute Council I would like to congratulate Atlantis Leisure on their entrepreneurial vision and continued positive contribution to improving the lives of people in Oban, Lorn and the surrounding area”.

‘’Atlantis Leisure is an inspiration for all people who want to make a difference, Atlantis Leisure is a story of joint effort and working together.’’

The Oban community and the folks from the surrounding villages, led by a small group of very dedicated individuals worked tirelessly, formed a company and, after a successful bid, took over the lease of the original swimming pool in Oban.

They subsequently raised millions in funding (from funding organisations, private individuals and companies) to create a fabulous multi-purpose sports and leisure facility that local people are very proud of.

Atlantis Leisure is a valued partner of Argyll and Bute Council and their charitable status, coupled with their social enterprise status, enable them to attract funding and support not available to the council. This brings additional benefits to the residents and visitors of the area, particularly Oban and Lorn, in investment and development of sport.

In the spring of 2011, the council was very pleased to assist at the official opening of  the Lost City of Atlantis, a fabulous children’s play facility and this has proved to have been a very well gauged development for the centre in terms of its popularity, as well as having been a good investment for the organisation. 

The development of this facility for the benefit of residents and visitors alike reflects the opportunities that social enterprises working in partnership with public bodies such as Argyll and Bute Council can achieve. 

Over the next year our country will experience a major international sports event, the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. This event will provide a great platform to develop people’s interest in sport and physical activity as well improve health, social inclusion and raise standards in coaching and competition. 

Argyll and Bute Council very much welcomes the opportunity to use this time to make improvements in our area. Atlantis are and will increasingly be involved in offering our residents opportunities to get active.

Currently, work in sports such as football, rugby, shinty, golf, swimming and athletics are helping drive up participation in young people. Being an area with an aging population, the council recognises the need, as well as opportunity, to promote activities which encourage participants to exercise at their own pace; low impact exercise such as swimming and that offered by the gym,