Licensing Standards Special Newsletter 2 - June 2021


Together with other areas, there has been a significant increase in cases of COVID-19, particularly in Argyll and Bute.  In the first two weeks of June alone, we have already seen more than double the number of cases in Argyll and Bute compared to the whole of May combined.

The increase has been particularly marked in Oban, Helensburgh and there is a small cluster on Islay, and over the last few days, there have been suspected cases in Dunoon and other areas.

 In the last 24 hours, there has been a total number of 33 positive cases across Argyll and Bute.

Although restrictions have been easing, COVID-19 has not gone away and it is vital that everyone across Argyll and Bute remains cautious and follows the guidance on how to stay safe and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Businesses have a critical role to play to ensure that their systems and management arrangements are COVID complaint, and this is particularly important in the licensed and hospitality trade with current interest in the Euro football competition

Environmental Health Officers who are out and about, visiting licensed premises have been impressed to date. They are very complimentary of the efforts to date by you and your staff. They do suggest that the following seem to be the more commonly found and ask that you be reminded to be particularly vigilant in relation to;

  1. Social distancing – customers must be seated and remain seated, no wandering around.
  2. No bar service – if someone comes in and orders a drink, that order is not taken until they’re seated.–
  3. Capacity levels  - Be extremely mindful of seated capacity
  4. Staff Numbers - Appropriate staff numbers in proportion to your seated capacity to ensure control measures can be implemented
  5. Sound Levels Adhere to ambient sound levels.
  6. Ventilation - windows doors etc.
  7. Keep Staff and Customers Safe.
  8. Consider Stewards – particularly when games are screened
  9. Expect Police and EHO visits - both announced and unannounced.

Stay Safe

Euros guidance


You can contact Environmental Health or  Licensing Standards for further information.