Licensing Standards Newsletter – February 2020

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Welcome to our February 2020 Newsletter.

Contact Raymond Park (East), Eric Dearie (West) or the licensing board team for advice and information on all aspects of alcohol licensing; licensing applications; applying for a licence or for an update on licensing applications.

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Counter-terrorism training crucial

In the wake of the Streatham terror incident earlier this month here is a reminder of the article in the December online edition of The Scottish Licensed Trade News (SLTN) detailing advice provided by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) on training and preparedness for a terrorist attack.  The article also contains an online presentation that businesses can sign up for.  It is incumbent on us all to be vigilant, and confident of what to do, should we be confronted with a similar such incident.  The article can be viewed here.

Licensed Clubs – Annual Update of Connected Persons

In order that the Argyll and Bute Licensing Board can maintain an effective overview of office bearers in licensed clubs (Connected Persons) in its area, as required by Section 40A of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, Licensing Standards requests from Clubs updated details on an annual basis. Contact is being made with Clubs and it is requested that updated details be returned to Licensing Standards by 31st March 2019 by post or by e-mail to there be any other changes to office bearers during the year these should be notified as soon as possible (and within one month) to licensing standards.

If you need further advice please contact Eric Dearie. 

New £20 Polymer Banknote

The new £20 polymer banknote is being launched in late February/early March this year and businesses should acquaint themselves with the make-up of these notes.  The Committee of Scottish Bankers provides information and a downloadable Q&A leaflet on the Scottish note here.  Details of the English note can be found in The Publican’s Morning Advertiser article here.    


TLT Licensing

Licensing Board Meetings Dates 2020

Licensing Board Dates 2020

Personal Licence statutory 10 year renewals

On 6th August 2018, the Scottish Government announced the process for 10 year personal licence renewals which can be viewed here. The key points –

  • Those renewing their licences should undergo refresher training;
  • The fee for application to renew the licence has been set at £50.00 (fifty pounds).

The law requires that if a personal licence holder wishes to renew their licence they must do so, by application to the licensing board, no later than 3 months prior to the expiry of their licence, which should include a copy of their refresher training certificate.  The personal licence application requirements can be found here.

Licensing Standards urges all personal licence holders affected to diary the date and make arrangements with accredited trainers to have the training provided.

Failure to renew your personal licence will result in the licensing board revoking your licence.

Personal licence refresher training and accredited trainers

Standing Newsletter Item -

The refreshing of personal licences is an ongoing process and information on refresher training and local accredited trainers who offer full and refresher personal licence training courses can be found here

Personal licence holders are reminded that failure to undergo refresher training and submit the pass certificate to the licensing board within statutory timescales will result in your personal licence being revoked.  

It is unfortunate that the licensing board still has to revoke personal licences at each licensing board meeting.  On average 20 licences are revoked at each meeting, simply because the licence holder has not refreshed their licence and/or advised the Board within statutory timescales.  Many licences to be revoked are held by Designated Premises Managers (DPMs) having ramifications for premises selling alcohol.

Please contact the Council’s Licensing Board Team for more information on what is required.

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Legal Advice

Licensing standards does not provide legal advice or opinion and the above information should not be considered such.  Any legal advice or opinion on licensing matters should be obtained from a licensing solicitor.