Licensing Standards Monthly Newsletter - September 2021

‘Vaccine Status Certification’

On the 9th September The Scottish Parliament voted in favour of the introduction of Vaccine Status Certification (‘vaccine passports’) for entry to certain venues such as nightclubs; adult entertainment venues; unseated indoor live events with more than 500 people in the audience; unseated outdoor live events with more than 4000 people in the audience; and any event of any nature which has more than 10000 people in attendance.

On 28th September, The Scottish Government published its Coronavirus (COVID-19): vaccine certification scheme guidance detailing plans for introducing the certification scheme, including how the scheme will operate as of 5:00am on 1st October. This guidance will have legal standing through The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Requirements) (Scotland) Regulations 2021.

‘Domestic Certification Scheme’ – Stakeholder Marketing & Communications Toolkit

In conjunction with the rollout of the Vaccine Certification Scheme above on 1st October, this Toolkit aims to give context to the Scottish Government’s  Domestic Certification Information Campaign.  It contains a number of assets which venues / events can use to help inform their customers that proof of their vaccination status will be required to gain entry and encourage the download of the NHS Scotland Covid Status app.  Contained in the Toolkit are -

A3 & A4 generic posters that can be used at venues / events

A3 & A4 promotional posters for certification that can be used in locations such as universities and colleges

Email copy

Social copy + static images (jpegs)

Privacy Notice related to the NHS Scotland Covid Checker app

Food Standards Scotland – Prepacked Food for Direct Sale

Information for businesses who sell food that is prepacked for direct sale to consumers- new legislation, which will require food businesses in Scotland to include the product name and full ingredient information on food sold prepacked for direct sale (PPDS), comes into force on 1 October 2021 in Scotland and the rest of the UK. The new legislation will improve information about allergens and other ingredients in food packed in advance, mainly at the same place where it’s sold, before being offered to consumers.

Collecting Customer Contact Details Remains High Priority

Collecting customer contact details remains a legal obligation for hospitality premises, and it is important that both premises and individuals co-operate with this requirement, as it is crucial to national efforts to suppress the virus. This measure forms part of enabling hospitality businesses to open safely, minimising the risk of the number of infections increasing, and reduce the risk of requiring future restrictions.

This guidance applies to any hospitality establishment that provides an on-site service such as pubs, restaurants and cafes. It includes where a service is provided indoors, or outdoors in a designated service area such as a beer garden. As of 09 August 2021, it also applies to nightclubs, dance halls, discotheques and sexual entertainment venues.

It does not, however, apply where services are taken off-site immediately, for example, a food outlet which only provides takeaways. If a business offers a mixture of a sit-in and takeaway service, contact information only needs to be collected for customers who are sitting in.

Continuation of Planning Relaxation for Temporary Outdoor Structures

The ‘Grace Period for outdoor areas continues until 31st March 2022  - the letter contained in the link refers to Building Standards only.  There has been no update as yet from Planning.  It is recommended that licensees who currently have temporary structures erected in their outdoor areas take note and consider taking steps to make application if looking to retain structures beyond the deadline date above.

For further information or advice please contact the Councils Planning & Building Standards team on 01546-605518

Face Coverings

Face coverings in Scotland - by law you must still wear one in most indoor public places in Scotland, even if you have been vaccinated. Some exemptions apply.


Getting tested  is key to stopping Covid-19, even if you have been vaccinated.  To find out how to get tested if you have symptoms or if you don’t, NHS Highland has created a quick guide as to which test to take.

Local News: New Argyll and Bute (Loves Local) Gift Card to aid business recovery

A new gift card is coming soon, designed to help ongoing Covid recovery for businesses and encourage local spending. Recipients of the Argyll and Bute (loves local) gift cardwill be able to enjoy a range of fantastic local products, services and experiences on offer from across the area.


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