Licensing Standards Monthly Newsletter - June 2022


Covid rules and restrictions have been lifted in Scotland, but the virus has not gone away. Use 'Covid sense' to help protect yourself and others.

Scams Awareness

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Licensee Contact Details

Are you a premises licence holder, a personal licence holder, or a premises manager?  Have your contact details changed recently?

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 requires that any changes to name and address should be updated to the licensing board within one month of the change.  Also, and although not a legal requirement, we ask that you update any changes to your phone number or email address to the licensing board on 01546-604128 or at    

Children and young person access to licensed premises – on trade

The terms for Children and young person access to on-sales premises are governed by the premises licence operating plan which generally follows licensing board policyFor premises where the operating plan allows access the following should be considered: 

a)     Each licensee must propose terms of access as part of the application process for a premises licence and the Board will decide if the proposal is acceptable.  The Board may grant the proposal or grant on amendment as necessary.

b)     Any changes to terms of access already recorded in the operating plan must be made by a variation application to the Board and the licensing team can assist with this.

c)     Each application is treated on its own merits and generally children and young persons will be allowed access until 10:00pm (8:00pm for outdoor areas) provided they are accompanied by an adult and are on the premises for a meal, or, if attending a function, can remain until the end of the function.

d)     The Board may set separate terms/times for children (0-15 years of age) and young persons (16 & 17 years of age).

e)     Where children under 5 years of age are allowed access baby changing facilities must be provided.  (Licensed clubs are exempt from this requirement).

Whether children and young persons are allowed access or not to your premises you must display one of two statutory notices at the entrance to your premises – access allowed or access not allowed.  The wording for the access allowed notice should be taken from the premises operating plan.

Employing young people in licensed premises

If you employ, or are considering employing, an under 18 year old in your licensed premises you should be aware that it is an offence for them to sell, serve or supply alcohol, except in the following circumstances:

  • Off Sales: the under 18 can sell alcohol;
  • On Sales: the under 18 can serve or supply alcohol as part of a meal but cannot sell;

Provided each sale, service or supply of alcohol is specifically authorised by a responsible person (i.e. personal licence holder or other staff member aged 18 years or over authorised by the personal licence holder).

There are also specific employment regulations you must know about if you employ children under 16 in any circumstances.

Licensing Standards annual premises inspection programme 2022-23

With the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions we will be contacting those premises to be inspected this year.  Through consultation with the licensee the inspection may be a physical visit; a virtual visit (where we link up with a premises via WhatsApp or other platforms); or a self-assessment (where the licensee completes the assessment, returns it to Licensing Standards and advice is provided as necessary).

The areas to be covered relate to the premises licence; personal licence; training of staff; alcohol authorisation; notices to be displayed; children and young person access; age verification; baby changing requirements; and minimum unit pricing.

Further advice on alcohol licensing can be found on our web page.

Local News – from Argyll and Bute Council

Funding support for new and small businesses: Argyll and Bute Council is investing £1.5 million of funding across the region to further support local economic recovery from the impact of Covid and to help communities with the current cost of living crisis. The funding is available through the Scottish Government’s Local Authority Covid Economic Recovery Fund.

Electric Vehicle Chargers: Argyll and Bute Council is inviting people to have their say on where additional Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) points should be located, in the event that funding becomes available to expand the scheme.

Community Councils: your views are invited on stage two of the Community Council Review which focuses on further proposed amendments to the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.

One card many uses: the Improvement Service has launched an updated version of the website, with new features designed to improve the user experience for people applying online for a National Entitlement Card, including the Young Person’s Free Bus Travel Scheme, the 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme and the Disabled Concessionary Travel Scheme.

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