Community councils encouraged to sign up for emergency planning

Published Date: 

16 Dec 2013 - 09:31

Argyll and Bute Council is continuing to empower communities by helping them prepare for emergencies and encouraging them to prepare their own emergency plan which will help them cope in the event of an incident.

The council’s Policy Lead for Improvement, Councillor Donald Kelly, said, “The remote nature of Argyll and Bute’s communities makes it essential that they are resilient. We have had to deal with some severe weather during the past two years and who knows what may be ahead. When the lights go out and it is cold, people need to know where to go to get information locally.

“Across Argyll and Bute seventy per cent of community councils have prepared or are currently preparing an emergency response plan, a fantastic achievement. Those community councils in the process of preparing a plan are receiving support from both the council and police and our progress has been nationally recognised.

“It is vitally important that we continue to encourage all our community councils to engage with us in this process. They are the key to uniting their community around them and with this in mind we would like to recognise the success of community councils who are now actively involved.”

A handbook and emergency kit have already been sent to community councils with clear instructions on how to prepare an emergency plan including information on roles and responsibilities, details on public safety information and key risks affecting the area.

Community councils who have not yet become involved should contact : Morag Brown, Business Improvement Manager on 01546 604199 or

To watch a video about the success of Southend Community Council in setting up their emergency plan go to :