Argyll and Bute Council to pursue the trunking of the A83 south of Kennacraig

Published Date: 

3 Dec 2013 - 09:46

The Scottish Government recently set out a commitment to enter in to discussions with Argyll and Bute Council regarding the case for trunking the A83 between Kennacraig and Campbeltown. The road is currently trunked as far as Kennacraig.

A trunk road is a major road which is the recommended route for long-distance and freight traffic. Trunk roads are the responsibility of Transport Scotland

Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, Councillor Ellen Morton said, ‘’The council is eager to pursue the trunking of the A83 to recognise the importance of Kintyre to Scotland’s economic development.’’

‘’With the recent transformation of Campbeltown, delivered through the CHORD project, and the fact that Campbeltown is now recognised as a renewables hub we feel that the case for trunking is strong’’

In recent years Kintyre has attracted significant investment across a number of business sectors vital to Scotland’s economic competitiveness, such as renewable energy, manufacturing, whisky and tourism.

Argyll and Bute Council’s business case for the trunking of the A83 takes into account the key visions in the Scottish Government Economic Strategy, the Argyll and Bute Council Local Transport Strategy and the Argyll and Bute Council Economic Development Action Plan.

Kintyre is strategically significant with regards to the Scottish Government’s renewable energy targets, growth in the whisky and tourism sectors, as well as the lifeline and strategic public transport services which provide connections to local islands and the Central Belt

Campbeltown has been the recipient of a major strategic programme of public sector investment by the council, Historic Scotland and the Big Lottery - £6.5million for town centre regeneration and over £10million of marine and road infrastructure improvements.

Following the introduction of the new ferry service linking Campbeltown and Ardrossan the A83 will also provide a secondary route between Argyll/ the West Highlands and the Central Belt. 

The A83 is key to the continued development of Kintyre as it is the main transport artery in the region.