Argyll and Bute Council News Round up - 16 May 2014

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Focus on being prepared

A House of Commons report published this week has found that the multi-agency response to last year’s severe weather emergency was handled ‘well, quickly and effectively’.

The Scottish Affairs Committee carried out a review of the power outages and severe weather conditions which hit Kintyre in March 2013.

In its report, the committee states that Argyll and Bute Council, along with the other agencies involved, responded swiftly and effectively to the emergency – despite the extremely difficult and challenging conditions which everyone faced.

The committee cited the ‘robust contingency planning for emergencies’ which the council has in place, as well as paying tribute to the council staff who worked extremely hard in high winds and heavy drifting snow to clear roads and make sure vulnerable people were safe. The close working relationships between the council and other agencies involved were also highlighted as a contributing factor.

A key element of the council’s strong response to severe weather emergencies in the last year in particular is its focus on supporting communities to increase their resilience.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Community Resilience Project is nationally recognised as an example of best practice and took silver at this year’s COSLA Excellence Awards. The project sees the council working closely with people across the area to develop their own dedicated emergency response plans, tailored to suit the unique characteristics and needs of Argyll and Bute’s diverse rural and urban communities.

These community-focused plans, combined with the council’s own effective and proven emergency response procedures, mean that by working together everyone is giving Argyll and Bute the best possible head start when it comes to dealing with the unexpected and the unpredictable.

Over 70 per cent of communities have either completed their emergency response plan or have one in preparation – but any community which has not yet done so is encouraged to find out more. Argyll and Bute Council can offer support and guidance and, once a community plan is complete, will provide a specially equipped kit bag for use in emergency situations.

There is lots of information about how to get started at Alternatively you can speak to our dedicated team on 01436 658728 or email

Did you know?

Worried about someone at risk of harm?: You can help. If you know someone who you believe is being harmed please tell us so that we can help them to protect themselves.


We currently have no on-going consultations.

News from the council

Voting day coming up: European Parliamentary Elections and the Oban South and the Isles By-election take place on Thursday 22 May.

Education in Argyll and Bute supporting pupils for their futures: Argyll and Bute Council’s education service is helping pupils gain the qualifications, vocational skills and further learning opportunities they need to move into successful adult life and employment.

Enhancing the lives of older people: Older people who are supported, their families and carers, are soon to be asked what changes they would like to see in the provision of their care.

Furan hosts a Gaelic guided tour: A group of Gaelic language learners travelled from Renfrewshire to visit Argyll and Bute Council’s Furan language centre – on a Gaelic guided tour.

Argyll coastal waters project update: Kayak trail element of the Argyll Coastal Waters project near completion.

3G Surface pitch for Lochgilphead Joint Campus update: Following the review of the Lochgilphead sports pitch by Argyll and Bute Council’s Education and Community and Culture services in partnership with ABC Schools (which maintains Lochgilphead Joint Campus for the council) the council asked ABC Schools to replace the 2G surface with a 3G one over the course of the summer

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