Argyll and Bute Council News Round Up - 10th October 2014

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Focus on –  ‘Ask the Adviser’

Argyll and Bute Council’s Business Gateway is running free workshops for businesses on topics ranging from using social media to practical book-keeping or how to get the most out of your people.

Social media is increasingly being used by businesses to reach customers.

Donald Melville, one of our Business Gateway Advisers, talks about how businesses can maximise customer interaction using social media in this short series of questions and answers.

Question:            I’m looking to develop my business through social media but am not sure if it’s right for my business. Does it work?

Answer:               Social media is the digital equivalent to word-of-mouth referrals. It provides a platform to create and distribute information. It opens an interactive dialogue with your prospects and customers using various platforms such as blogs, micro blogs (Twitter), social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), Podcasts, video etc. Done well it can be very powerful.

Question:            What can I use social media for?

Answer:               It can be used for customer service, feedback, prospecting new customers and increasing sales. It’s about engagement rather than selling. Selling is a by-product of successful engagement. Customers and prospects are increasingly choosing to investigate products and engage with businesses through social media prior to purchasing.

Social media can work for all sizes of business.  For instance, some companies use Twitter to increase their revenues by offering incentives exclusively on Twitter, whilst a local company used social media to recruit a new member of staff, where the cost was minimal and resulted in over 1,200 views, and a quality shortlist of 30 candidates.

Question:            Which platforms should I use?

Answer:               Choosing the right platform, or social media online tool, is vital. The answer to this question is as individual as your business. Think about your ideal customer - which social media tools do they use? The tools or platforms that they use are then the most important tools for your business to use. For example, Facebook is great for Business to Consumer and LinkedIn is typically better for Business to Business.

To speak with an adviser at Business Gateway about using social media please call the Team 01546 604 555 or visit

To find out more about free workshops call 01546 604555 or email

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Test your driving skills against David Coulthard!: This on-line ‘Coulthard challenge’ is intended to make country roads safer for everyone who uses them.


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News from the council

Overseeing integrated, person-centred care: Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership has appointed its new Chief Officer, who will take forward integrated health and social care services across Argyll and Bute. 

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