Addendum to – Special Licensing Standards Newsletter

Addendum to – Special Licensing Standards Newsletter Following Statement of First Minister on 14th December 2021 -

Changes to ScotGov guidance and regulations as a result of the Omicron Variant

This is an update to the Newsletter published on 16th December 2021.  In the link to the new guidance, on the FAQ Page, on the topic of face coverings for staff, it states –

Q: Does every member of staff have to wear a face covering?
A: All  staff are required to wear face coverings whilst in any communal indoor area. There is an exemption for:

  • staff who are more than 1 metre away from the public/colleagues or
  • they are behind a suitable partition or
  • they are undertaking food handling tasks, to avoid risk to the hygiene or safety of food arising from or in connection with the wearing of a face covering

The 1 metre mentioned should in fact be 2 metres as updated by The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Requirements) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 5) Regulations 2021.

Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.


Any questions? You can contact licensing standards or the Licensing Board team for further information.


The Licensing Standards service does not provide legal advice or opinion and the above information should not be considered such.  Any legal advice or opinion on licensing matters should be obtained from a licensing solicitor.