What support would help you manage your Private Water Supply?

The Scottish Government is considering the advice and support that's currently made available to Private Water Supply owners and users and how it can be improved to enable them to have high quality supplies that are resilient to climate change impacts.

Consumer Scotland are a new public body with a function to represent water consumers in Scotland. They have commissioned Progressive Partnership to undertake research with users of private water supplies to explore the types of advice and support that would be helpful.

Progressive are looking for PWS users and owners to take part in the research and are keen to involve as wide a range of participants as possible: including homeowners, private renters, small business owners, private landlords, holiday lets.

The research will involve taking part in a small group discussion or an interview with one of Progressive’s researchers. The discussion groups will be held using Zoom, the interviews can be done either by Zoom or by telephone, whichever would suit you best. They are expected to last around an hour. The discussions will explore your views on the types of PWS issues you need advice and support with; how you would like to receive PWS advice and support; sources of PWS advice and support; and issues relating to PWS advice, support and testing.

Everyone taking part in the study will receive £40 as a thank you

If you would like to take part in the research, or would like more information, please email Jamal Hassan at jamal.hassan@progressivepartnership.co.uk or ring him on 0131 202 0043.

1 Dec 2022 to 31 Jan 2023