Short-term let licensing consultation

The consultation on the Council’s draft short-term lets licensing policy is now closed. Thank you to the over 500 people and organisations who have helped us by contributing comments and suggestions. A number of very useful points have been made. We will take all comments into consideration in reviewing and finalising our policy.

Councils are required to have in place a new mandatory licensing scheme for short-term let accommodation on 1st October 2022. This is the date by which they must be able to receive new applications. Argyll and Bute Council are working hard to develop and implement the scheme required by the Scottish Government and are seeking views to support this work.

The licensing regime introduces mandatory safety requirements that cover every type of short-term let. These are set out in the legislation as the mandatory conditions of a licence.  The Council has a discretionary power to impose additional conditions to address any more specific local circumstances or concerns. These additional conditions may apply to every short-term let property in Argyll and Bute area, or might be specific to certain types of short-term let properties.  As part of the licensing scheme, the Council must publish a licensing policy for short-term let licensing in the Argyll and Bute area.

We want to hear your views on the Council's draft policy statement, which includes the proposed additional conditions at Appendix 4. All views will be considered in the development of the Council’s licensing regime prior to the new regime being reported to the appropriate Council Committee for careful consideration, discussion as necessary and final approval.

The closing date for responses was Friday, 5th August 2022.

15 Jul 2022 to 5 Aug 2022