How good is your place?

How good is your place?

Community Planning brings different partner agencies together along with community representatives and organisations to plan how services will be delivered across Argyll and Bute. Your local Area Community Planning Group is developing the next version of its Action Plan and will be engaging and listening to the views of communities between now and the end of October 2019. We want to hear about the place(s) that you live and work in, using the Place Standard tool, so that we can identify what is important for your community as a priority action.

The final action plans will be for each administrative area with priority actions identified where partner agencies can work together and with the community, to reduce inequalities in a particular community or place. Whilst not all of the information that comes out of the Place Standard tool will result in an action within the plan, we would be keen to ensure that all community councils and community groups within an area have access to the full results for their community so that this may assist in any community-led action plans that you are currently doing or planning to do.

Please complete the survey at

The survey is open until the 31st October 2019 (closing date has now been extended). The timescales and process for developing the plans was discussed and agreed at your local Area Community Planning Group in February 2019. More information on these can be found here

In addition to this online survey, the council’s Community Development team will be engaging with community councils and community groups throughout the summer. If you would be interested in participating or hosting a face to face event for your community before the end of September, please contact by the 7 June 2019 and we will do our best to accommodate your request subject to available resources.

Consultation dates: 

2 May 2019 to 31 Oct 2019

Contact Name: 

Samantha Somers