Burnside Square - future options

This consultation is now closed - thank you to everyone who gave us their views

As part of the £15million Campbeltown Flood Protection Scheme new pipelines will be installed under roads throughout the town to increase the capacity of the drainage system so that it can cope better with heavy rainfall. Many of these new pipelines will lead into a storage tank which will be built underneath Burnside Square. This will safely store water and allow it to slowly discharge. Burnside Square has been chosen for this because it is at a low point in the town and provides a clear open space to build the tank under.

This provides an opportunity to look at how Burnside Square in Campbeltown could be used after the flood scheme, and what works could be done to provide a lasting benefit to the community over and above the flood prevention works themselves. To help us develop future plans for Burnside Square we are asking people what their preference is for the space.

Find our more about the Campbeltown Flood Protection scheme here

3 Oct 2022 to 24 Oct 2022