Argyll and Bute Taxi and Private Hire Study

Argyll and Bute Taxi and Private Hire consultation

This consultation is now closed. We thank you for your views and will now analyse your feedback.

Consultation background

We have commissioned a taxi and private hire car survey to ascertain whether there is (a) any significant unmet demand for taxis  and (b) whether there is over provision of private hire car vehicles in the local area.

This brief questionnaire relates to Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles in Argyll and Bute.

There are two broadly defined types of vehicle, which operate for hire in Argyll and Bute. These are Taxis and Private Hire Cars.

Taxis have a “TAXI” sign on the roof and may be seen waiting on taxi ranks. Alternatively, Taxis may have a roof sign with the name of an operating company. Private Hire Vehicles do not have a TAXI sign on the roof.

Please note: Internal staff will not be able to access the survey on the council network.

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Consultation dates: 

6 Jun 2019 to 12 Jul 2019