Consultation with Stakeholders

Consultation with Stakeholders


The Early Years team currently carries out an annual consultation with parents and carers to find out their views on the existing ELC provision and what their aspirations are for the future of ELC provision in Argyll and Bute.  In addition to this annual consultation, the Early Years team consulted parents and carers on how they wanted to access their increased funded hours of ELC.  A total of 577 parents and carers responded, and their feedback has informed our self-evaluation, helping to adapt provision year on year to better meet the needs of parents and carers.

Parent/Carer Consultation - Preferred Model 

School Year (38 weeks)57.89%
50 weeks a year  39.51%
Other 2.60%

Parent/Carer Consultation - Preferred pattern of provision

Two full days and one half16.35%
School days 9 am - 3 pm         48%         
Full days 8 am - 6 pm19.65%
Half days mornings12.87%
Half days afternoons 


 1140 hours parent/carer questionnaire can be accessed here