What is Youth Work About?

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Youth Work is about:

  • Helping young people to develop personal and social skills
  • Providing a wide range of opportunities for young people
  • Building relationships
  • Giving information and guidance
  • Dealing with young people's concerns
  • Helping young people take responsibility
  • Offering different experiences
  • Learning through having fun
  • Helping young people to make their own choices


Youth work is about young people having the opportunity to meet friends in comfortable, safe surroundings and having some fun and good times. Youth workers are there to listen, talk, offer advice and be someone to trust. They both value and enjoy working and being with young people.

Life isn't always easy for teenagers, the stresses and strains come at different times in our lives, and bring different pressures. These can range from relationship difficulties with family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, teachers, to issues around health, self-esteem, communication and more.

Youth workers can offer young people support, information and guidance plus access to other services. Youth work is also about providing opportunities for young people to take part in a wide variety of enjoyable, stimulating and challenging experiences - in the form of creative/expressive art, sport and outdoor education, environmental and residential opportunities, plus much, much more.

It is a good way for young people to meet other young people, try new things, develop new skills, and importantly have the chance to speak out about things that affect young lives. This is done through youth councils, young people's forums and student councils. Youth work actively encourages participation and plays an active role in the decision making processes that affect young lives.