Reading Groups

In the last few years, more and more Reading Groups have sprung up throughout Argyll and Bute, many of them starting with groups of friends who like to meet at each others homes but a few who meet in public venues such as our libraries.

We are interested in supporting such groups and, over the past few years, have been able to help out such groups by purchasing a few copies of requested titles in paperback.

We discourage groups from requesting new fiction that is only available in hardback, but will consider buying up to six copies of a reasonably priced paperback.

If a title is considered obscure and not likely to be borrowed by other groups, we will buy two or three copies, and ask them to share.

A list of our current Reading Group titles is available on application to Library Headquarters.

Reader Development Collections

Working on the premise that “one good book leads to another”, we have bought some interesting collections of books which we rotate around the libraries.  These themed collections are very popular with our readers and often encourage them to try other authors previously unknown to them.