Overview and aims of youth service

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The aim of Argyll and Bute Youth Service is to contribute to the personal and social development and economic well-being of young people within the context of a multi-racial society that can be achieved by helping young people:

  • Develop skills to relate effectively with others and to be effective members of groups in which they live and work. 
  • Develop a responsibility towards and sympathetic concern for other people especially for those who are disadvantaged. 
  • Develop decision-making skills and political awareness. 
  • Adapt and respond to change in themselves and their social and physical environment. 
  • Develop confidence and an ability to express their own reasoned opinions. 
  • Develop an awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses and aptitudes. 
  • Develop awareness of their feelings, attitudes and values of themselves and others. 
  • Develop desired negotiation and social skills.    

We aim to provide a high quality service which is accessible to all young people aged 11-26 years and to targeted groups in the 11-13 and 19-25 years age range, focusing on areas of disadvantage and under-achievement.

We will offer young people new and challenging experiences that will stretch their knowledge, skills and attitudes in a way that enables them to reflect upon themselves as individuals in order that they fulfil their potential to contribute as positive members of the community.

We will ensure young people have opportunities to have their voice heard in democratic, political and decision-making processes, and to provide programmes of recreational and sporting activities that offer fun, friendship, enjoyment and learning.

We will celebrate who young people are and what they have achieved, in order to promote a positive profile of their contribution to society. 

The strength of the Youth Service lies in the relationship between its staff and the young people they work with; developed over time and which progress in accordance with the needs of those young people.