Community Council By-Elections Thursday 5th November 2020

Interim By-Elections are being held in some areas in Argyll and Bute to fill vacancies on Community Councils who have requested a by-election. Notices of Election list the Community Councils that will have a by-election.

The timetable for the by-election lists the key dates.

Tuesday 1 September 2020Register in force
Tuesday 8 September 2020Publication of Notice of Election
Wednesday 9 September 2020Opening of Nominations
Thursday 24 September 2020 (4.00pm)Close of Nominations and withdrawal of Nomination Paper (if any)
Thursday 1 October 2020

Notice of Poll (if election contested)

Notice of Uncontested Election (if election uncontested)

Thursday 15 October 2020Issue of Postal Ballot Papers
Thursday 5 November 2020

Election Day

Final Date for Receipt of Postal Ballot Papers (4.00pm)

Monday 9 November 2020Count of Votes (10.30am Kilmory)


The Nomination period will run from Wednesday 9 September to Thursday 24 September 2020. Forms will require to be lodged with the Returning Officer by no later than 4.00pm on Thursday 24 September 2020. If a contest is required voting will be by postal votes, with voting papers being issued from Thursday 15 October 2020. Election day, and the final day for returning postal votes will be Thursday 5 November 2020.

The closing date for nominations was 24 September 2020.  If a Community Council received less nominations than there were vacancies a poll (voting) does not need to take place. The Notices of Uncontested Elections lists all the Community Councils and Candidates for whom polling does not need to take place. On 5 November 2020, those Candidates will formally become Community Councillors for their local Community Council.  Click on the areas below to view the details of the successful candidates.

Notices of Uncontested Elections

Oban, Lorn and the Isles

Bute and Cowal

Mid Argyll, Kintyre & The Islands

Helensburgh and Lomond

Contested Community Council – voting required (Tiree and Luss and Arden Community Council)

The Notice of Poll  provides the names and addresses of the candidates who stood for election and Candidate Statements  if submitted are also provided.


Tiree Community Council

Luss and Arden Community Council