Community and Culture - Service Purpose Overview

From 1 October 2017 Community and Culture services are delivered by LiveArgyll. You can find current performance information on the LiveArgyll Website.

Prior to 1 october 2017 -

Working together to support our communities to realise their potential by enhancing access to learning, leisure, culture and housing

Community and Culture Service Plan 2017-20

Key Information – Community and Culture

The annual 2017-18 budget for Community and Culture is £8,614,475

Community and Culture has a staffing figure for 216 FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Key Documents

Further information and documents that support the key aims of service delivery for Community and Culture can be found by clicking on the following links -

1. Council Annual Report

2. Community Services Newsletters

3. Housing and Homelessness Information

Annual Performance Reviews

The Annual Performance Review is the mechanism used by the service to review the previous year’s key successes and challenges, the key improvements to meet the challenges are also identified here.

View the Annual Performance Review for Community and Culture.