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How does it work?

Property owners within the target area (see attached map) are invited to apply for grants to assist with repairing their historic buildings.  No grants will be offered at 100%, therefore part funding (by the owner) is required.  There are 3 different grant projects – each with different levels of grant available, and different periods for applying.  See the sections below for more information.

Types of Grant

Shopfront Repair Grants

This scheme is currently unavailable due to a high number of applications which will hopefully progress to works later in the year.

If you were interested in applying for this grant scheme, please leave your details with the Project Office and you will be contacted should this position change


Small Building Repair Grants

Further to the deadline calling for small building repair grants, a number of excellent applications have been received which we hope will be progressed through to repair works taking place throughout 2012/13. Due to such high demand however this scheme is currently no longer available.

If you were interested in applying for this grant scheme, please leave your details with the Project Office and you will be contacted should this position change.



Priority Building Repair Grant

The Rothesay THI project was comprehensively developed, and consulted upon, over a two year period. During this time the design team analysed each building and identified five properties which demonstrated the most combined heritage merit and need within a prominent seafront location.  The five priority buildings are:

  • 1-3 Montague Street
  • 11-13 Montague Street
  • 21-27 Montague Street
  • Guildford Court
  • Duncan’s Halls, 19-21 East Princes Street

If your property is a priority building for the project, you will require a conservation accredited chartered surveyor or conservation accredited chartered architect to oversee the works and to act on your behalf. The agent should prepare the application and specifications, undertake the tendering process, monitor works on site, certify payments and have experience of working with tenement properties. It is critical that you appoint someone whom you would trust to ensure the quality of work is completed to a high conservation standard. Help will be provided with appointing an agent.

Download the Priority Building Repair Grant Guidance and Grant Application Procedure

Timescales – All works must be completed by March 2015. Please contact the THI Officer to discuss the scheme in detail.

New Buildings For Gap Sites

Grant is available to meet the difference between the cost of an ordinary build and that which would meet the quality required for a conservation area.

The priority gap site is:

15-19 Montague Street, Guildford Square

Download the New Buildings for Gap Sites Guidance



Do you require an Architect?

ZM Architecture has been appointed to work with Rothesay THI and can assist you with drawing up a scheme, applying for grant and tendering for contractors. If you are successful in an award of grant their fees will also be grant eligible.

Please contact the Project Office if you would like to be put in touch with the architects.



The following guidance notes should also be downloaded, as these will keep you right when filling in the application.

A Guide to Available Funding

What is eligible for grant?

Guidance - Priority Building Repair Grant

Guidance - New Buildings for Gap Sites

Help with making an application

Making a Rothesay THI Grant Application

If you have any queries, please contact Lorna Pearce, THI Project Officer on 01700 501374, or e-mail