CHORD Background Reports - Rothesay


Socio-Economic Data

Ekos logoIn early 2010, Argyll and Bute Council appointed Ekos, a leading independent UK consultancy specialising in economic and social development, to carry out socio-economic baseline reports and perception surveys for each of the 5 towns in the CHORD programme.

Socio-economic Baselines

The socio-economic baselines provide an overview of each area, looking at population, employment base, business base, claimant count (Job Seekers Allowance), property base etc.

Perception Studies

The perception studies were carried out with a range of residents, businesses and visitors.  The idea behind these surveys is to obtain a baseline position for each town, so that changes in future public perception can be measured.

Other reports and information -

Conservation Area

Part of Rothesay is a designated Conservation area - you can see where the boundaries of the Conservation area lie on the attached map.

The following documents are relevant to the THI -

Place Making

Design Guides

Rothesay's Heritage