Rothesay CHORD Projects

Rothesay, once the most popular Scottish holiday resort of the 1930s, was visited by tens of thousands of holiday makers who travelled “doon the watter” every year by paddle-steamer. However, changing holiday patterns and consistent depopulation has taken the shine off this Victorian seaside town located on the beautiful Island of Bute. Despite considerable public sector investment in previous decades, dereliction and demolition has left prominent gap sites, raw gable ends and frontages in poor repair.

The proposed heritage projects in Rothesay seek to halt the process of decay within the town centre’s outstanding conservation area. These projects include the identification of a sustainable re-use to enable the restoration of the Category A listed Rothesay Pavilion, and the implementation of a Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) to restore the fabric of a prominent part of the town centre primarily focused around Guildford Square. By capitalising on the unique heritage assets of Rothesay, the aim is to revitalise the historic town centre and draw attention to the town as being an attractive, successful and highly liveable town for all those who live, work and visit.

The two projects being undertaken in Rothesay are: