Campbeltown CHORD Projects

Campbeltown’s unique position as the “most peripheral town in mainland Britain” puts it in a beautiful but remote location in the south of the Kintyre peninsula, with issues to combat such as limited transport networks, lack of employment opportunities and lack of affordable housing. However, significant private investment is being made into the area, in terms of renewable energy and tourism, such as the new renewable energy development, and the newly opened Machrihanish Dunes Golf Course, which could greatly increase opportunities in the area for those that live and work there.

To make sure of this transformational change in Campbeltown, we need to redouble efforts to make the town more attractive for people to visit and live in, to hold onto and attract new private sector employers, and to make specific investments to attract visitors and investors to the area. The three projects selected to be taken forward by the CHORD project aim to improve and regenerate the Campbeltown and wider south Kintyre area for residents, businesses and visitors.

There are three projects being undertaken in the Campbeltown area: