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Dunoon Waterfront

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Dunoon, Argyll’s second largest town, situated on the famous Cowal Peninsula, came to prominence in the 19th century when paddle steamers offered easy access for visitors from Glasgow, and even today the Waverley, the last ocean going paddle steamer, still cruises down the Clyde to the area.

Dunoon’s waterfront regeneration has already begun, with the completion of the new breakwater and linkspan in 2005. The CHORD programme will take this forward in it's Queens Hall refurbishment and environmental improvements project for Dunoon, an exciting development with the potential to revitalise the Dunoon area. At the same time Phase 1 of the Dunoon Wooden Pier refurbishment project will delivered to enable the public to once again access and make use of key elements of the pier and its’ buildings.

Background and what we are doing

The Dunoon Project Board identified that whilst there were a number of developments under way in the town, the waterfront was the critical element in respect to the successful economic regeneration of the town.

The Board recognised that critical to this was the need to consider the Pier Head and waterfront, the Queens Hall, and the unsatisfactory link from the pier to the main shopping street, Argyll Street. The Board recognised that the Pier and Queens Hall were time-expired structures with rapidly rising maintenance costs. It was felt that the unsatisfactory state of this area was a blockage to development and future investment both for the waterfront, the town centre and the wider Dunoon and Cowal economy.

To carry out all these developments will be a massive project, with huge cost implications, so the project has been broken down into defined projects and phases.

The projects aim to:

  • Make most of Dunoon waterfront in terms of economic development and regeneration.
  • Deliver waterfront infrastructure that contributes to an attractive, vibrant and contemporary town centre.
  • Create a safe, comfortable, accessible public realm that attracts residents and visitors to the area.
  • Promote improved connectivity and public transport gateway.
  • Act as an enabler for private sector investment in the waterfront area and town centre.

You can find out more about the plans for the project here

The Project Manager for the Dunoon regeneration is:

John Gordon
Tel: 01369 708457
Mobile: 07901 516106
Email: johnwilliam.gordon@argyll-bute.gov.uk