Campbeltown Kinloch Road Project

kinloch Road Regeneration


This project is now complete.

Background and what we are doing

This project aims to regenerate the Kinloch Road area of Campbeltown through a number of activities:

1. Provision of improved public realm along Aqualibrium Avenue (the new road through Park Square), Kinloch Road and around the triangular park at the bus terminus.  You can see the public realm design using the links below

New Road at Park Square | Detailed design - 1 | Detailed design - 2 | Bus Terminus Park – planting plan

2. Assist ACHA with their planned development of housing and community facilities on the site of the former Park Square housing that has been demolished

  • We have worked with ACHA to secure the land transfer necessary to allow construction of ACHA’s housing and Aqualibrium Avenue; both contracts are now underway.

3. Relocate the Council’s Road’s depot to another site to facilitate the housing development proposed by ACHA

  • This is now complete with the new depot operating at Machrihanish

4. Investigate the potential for environmental improvement or renewal on underutilised land adjacent to the Council depot

  • This will be investigated following the completion of the road construction and ACHA housing.

This project is closely linked with the infrastructure improvements associated with the Kintyre Renewables Hub project.  It is also closely linked with the refurbishment of the Royal Hotel, the All Weather Pitch facility and the development of housing by ACHA.

The project also follows on from the ‘Kinloch Road/Longrow Re-development Options Appraisal’ (Final Report, July 2008) prepared by Roger Tym and Partners, which identified three possible re-development options for the Kinloch Road area.

The preferred option represented a strategic regeneration project to reflect the site’s potential as a key link between the town centre, Aqualibrium and the waterfront. A range of uses were proposed for the site, designed to bolster the town’s attraction as a place to visit and live – thus resulting in longer term economic benefit and increase in property values.