50 - 52 Main Street regeneration


This project has won 2 awards in the National Empty Homes Awards 2017 - find out more about this latest award in our press release


The regeneration of this building won the Outstanding Project Award at the 2016 Scottish Empty Homes conference

It's a fantastic achievement for everyone who has been involved in the project - find out more in our press release

works complete June 2016June 2016 - Works are now complete

June 2015    - Work is progressing well and the contractor continues to work closely with local businesses to minimize disruption for town centre users.  

March 2015 - Work is progressing well and on time for completion November 2015.

December 2014 - Specialist scaffolding is due to be erected in early 2015.  To accommodate this Cross Street will be closed to vehicular access from the 5 January 2015.  The scaffold will contain a covered walkway.  Town Centre users have been notified.

November 2014 - Construction work started on the 17 November 2014.  This will be limited to internal works until after the festive period.

October 2014 - THI grant applications have been received and approved.  Ownership of No. 5 of the 6 units have transferred to the developer.  Building warrant secured. Site start in November 2014.

August 2014 - Negotiations continue with the developer and the existing owners.  The construction tender process is almost complete. 

June 2014 - Working in partnership with the Council, a developer has now secured planning and listed building consent secured for repair and renovation works. It is hoped that the Building Warrant approval will follow shortly.  Estimated site start August 2014.

February 2014 - Building Standards have commissioned further emergency works to stabilize the building.  This has allowed Cross St to reopen to vehicular traffic.

January 2014 - Agreement has now been reached with a developer, allowing the THI led project to move to the final development stage.  It is hoped that the planning and listed building applications will be submitted in February.  The projected site start date is July 2014. 

 January 2013 - Cross Street has now been closed toall traffic due to concerns over public safety.  Building Standards officers are monitoring the situation.  Pedestrian access between Main Street and Burnside Square is unaffected by the problem.

December 2012 – discussions with developer are now at an advanced stage.   All existing owners are fully co-operating as we attempt to find a solution that will allow the THI funding to be used to fully repair and conserve the building, bringing the vacant floorspace back into use. 

May 2012 – Discussions continue although a number of obstacles will have to be overcome including ownership, technical design and grant funding.

February 2012 – Another developer has expressed an interest in the project.  Preliminary discussions have taken place.

January 2012 - Various parties have expressed an interest in acquiring ownership of the vacant units, applying for THI funding and carrying out a full repair and conservation scheme.  The high end cost is proving to be a major obstacle.

November 2011 - Campbeltown THI continue their search for a solution to save the building.  All options are being explored.

April 2011 – Dangerous Building Notice issued to the owners.  Urgent repairs must commence before the end of 2012 or Argyll and Bute Council will undertake the works and recharge the costs to the owners.  Alternatively, the building will be demolished.

October 2010 - Argyll and Bute Council funded the cost of a mini options appraisal.  The main aim of this exercise was to obtain detailed information regarding the current condition of the building, explore possible design options to bring the building back into use together with an estimate for the capital costs. 

September 2010 - Due to concerns over the condition of the building, Argyll and Bute Council Building Standards Service carried out minimal urgent works.  To ensure the safety of the public during this period, part of Cross Street was closed (see attached notification document).  Argyll and Bute Council will seek to reclaim the costs of the works from owners of the property.

Notes - 50-52 Main Street and 2 Cross Street is prominently sited across from the Town Hall on a corner of the Main Street.  The upper floors have been unoccupied for a number of years and are in urgent need of repair.  The building is a target for the THI and grant funding may be available to carry out the necessary repairs to bring the entire building back into use.  To date no end user has been identified due to the high capital costs.

You can find out more about the conditin of this building by reading the attached Building Status Form