27-31 Main Street (upper floors)

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November 2011 - All works complete.

August 2011 – some minor issues with the new windows have resulted in a further delay.  Agreement has now been reached regarding the removal of existing paint and a test sample is due to be carried out as soon as possible.  It is proving difficult to identify a suitable time to carry out the test area due to the location of the property with the commercial premises on the ground floor.

July 2011 – the paint removal has been delayed due to the difficulty in removing the various layers  (a mix of traditional lead based paints and various modern products) and also the discovery of historical paint.  A test sample has been sent away for analysis.  Keim Paints will only guarantee the new paint if it is applied direct to render.

June 2011 - the replacement timber sash and case windows have now been installed, together with the new close gate and cast iron rainwater goods.  Work has commenced on the removal of existing paint.

The refurbishment of this prominent building will make a significant difference to the streetscape.  Works include; reinstatement of double glazed timber sash and case windows to replicate those that were originally fitted, extensive render repairs, redecoration of entire front elevation with high quality mineral paint and replacement rainwater goods and external close door. This building has already been subject to a major shopfront improvement via CARS.

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Main Street
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