Snips and Oops A Daisy

Snips and Oops A Daisy

The ever present threats of age, weathering and well intentioned but misguided repairs had affected these two shop frontages resulting in loss of the original design appearance and general quality of the finishes.

The refurbishment scheme carried out under the Campbeltown Town Centre Regeneration Project (CARS and THI) set about reversing this process with the following actions:

  • Existing modern plywood applied facia sign and projection signs were removed
  • A structurally cracked stone lintel has been replaced not only enhancing appearance but securing the structural integrity of the building over.
  • Stonework has been carefully cleaned and redundant fittings like signage and canopy fixings removed and stonework repaired.
  • Existing windows had been poorly repaired with loss of detail and this has been rectified by complete repairs using carefully matched moulded timber.
  • Existing doors were a mix of original doors badly rotted and doors flushed with plywood coverings in an attempt to rectify defects. Doors have been completely replaced or repaired again using timber mouldings taken from existing profiles. Matching brass ironmongery now replaces the ill matched collection which been fitted over the years.
  • New and existing timber has been stripped of old paint and re primed, undercoated and finished with a top colour from an appropriate heritage colour range.

The completed restoration carried out by local tradesmen enhances the streetscape and should secure the property for economic business use for many years to come.

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