Boots Chemist


In 2008 Boots `rebranded' the existing Alliance Pharmacy on Longrow South into a Boots local pharmacy, bringing the vacant shop at number 13 back into use.  The shop is in the middle of the Campbeltown Conservation Area and was an obvious target for CARS funding,

A key element of the works was the removal of the modern fascia boards, revealing the original leaded lights (see photo gallery).  The CARS grant also part funded the replacement shop door, the design replicating the original doors on numbers 13 and 15.

It was hoped that the paint could be removed from the stonework.  A test sample was carried out on the right hand pilaster but the outcome was not satisfactory and there was a risk that the stone could be damaged.  It was agreed that the shopfront should be re-painted instead in Boots corporate colours.

 before after

How to Find Us: 

Boots Chemist
11-13 Longrow South
PA28 6AH Campbeltown, Argyll
United Kingdom