Windows are the eyes of a building.  It is nearly always possible to save old windows by carrying out "conservative" repairs.  These windows may be up to 150 or 200 years old but, being constructed of hardwood and pitch pine, are universally sound and capable of many more years service.  Such windows can be up-graded to meet current building standards by installing draught seals, returning panelled window shutters to working order and perhaps installing secondary glazing.  The installation of low cost "Simplex" hinges allow sash and case windows to open inwards to facilitate cleaning and painting,  The repair of historic windows using tried and tested traditional joinery practice, is being promoted and grant aided through the Campbeltown THI scheme.

Refurbished Windows - THI and CARS grants have part funded the refurbishment of over 130 original sash and case windows.

Replacement Windows - There have been a number of replacement timber sash and case windows installed in Campbeltown, funded via THI and CARS.  In the majority of cases the replacement windows have been manufactured locally using traditional methods and materials.  Funding for replacement windows is only available if the original timber window is beyond repair or there is a modern window in place; i.e aluminium or UPVC.

Campbeltown Windows Project – Guidance notes on the manufacture and installation of sash and case windows.

Argyll and Bute Council have produced a guidance document to assist building owners in the Campbeltown Conservation Area with the replacement of sash and case windows.