Health and Safety - Regulation and Inspection

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforces health and safety legislation for most industry sectors in Great Britain - they cover factories, building sites, mines, farms, fairgrounds, quarries, chemical plant, offshore and nuclear installations, schools, hospitals and other places. The Council enforces health and safety legislation in other workplaces, typically shops, offices, warehouses and leisure settings.

Our objective is to ensure that businesses comply with their legal and moral obligations to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and the safety of contractors and the public where work activities may pose a risk to their health.

The HSE have published a new strategy for health and safety in Great Britain – Helping Great Britain Work Well. The strategy sets out six priority themes:

Acting together: Promoting broader ownership of health and safety in Great Britain

We play our role by targeting our work on the activities that present the highest risk to occupational safety and health and by working with employers to protect their workers and the public.

You can view our Enforcement Policies and Procedures online.

If you think the information you have been provided with is incorrect or an over application of the legislation and you cannot resolve the issue with your local officer, you may wish to contact the Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel

We give advice on safe practices to help businesses and individuals to work safely. We deal with issues including: