Economic Development Action Plan

Argyll and Bute Council has developed this five-year Economic Development Action Plan (EDAP) to focus the council’s resources on the economic development activities that will have the greatest beneficial impact on the sustainable economic growth of its communities and Scotland as a whole. This Action Plan clearly articulates the council’s corporate priorities for developing the Argyll and Bute economy, thereby facilitating focus, effective resource planning and partnership working at the local, national and European levels.

Our guiding vision is:
“Realising our potential together, Argyll and Bute will unlock the opportunities offered by its significant, sustainable economic assets for the benefit of its communities and the competitiveness and security of the Scottish and EU economies.”

This is a time of continued uncertainty, both in terms of the economy and the environment, and Argyll and Bute, Scotland’s second largest local authority area, is well placed to make a positive contribution to generating sustainable, economic growth for Scotland.
Due to its abundance of sustainable economic assets especially in terms of renewable energy, quality food and drink and tourism, and its boundary with Scotland’s Central Belt, Argyll and Bute has an important role to play in Scotland’s economic future.

The EDAP will provide a framework for sustainable economic development centred round four ‘C’s:

  • Competitive Argyll and Bute – businesses, places and sustainable economic assets;
  • Connected Argyll and Bute – transport, infrastructure, digital connectivity and grid;
  • Collaborative Argyll and Bute – national and European policy and funding, employability and skills development, and harness the potential of the third sector; and
  • Compelling Argyll and Bute – increase the profile of the area to attract economically active new residents (individuals and families), inward investors and visitors.

Our key priorities and related actions for the economic development of the four administrative areas within Argyll and Bute are grouped under these four themes. The actions contained within the plan will be reviewed annually.

You can read and download the Economic Development Action Plan using the link below.