Business Gateway Helps Big Baby Grow

An award winning US based independent film maker has turned her back on the bright lights of New York and Los Angeles to return to her roots in the west of Scotland to launch her business and bring up her new baby.

Lesley-Anne Morrison (31) spent four years building up her company, Big Baby Productions, into a major force in the US independent scene with a string of awards to her name and a portfolio of projects involving such high profile names as director Tony Scott and actors Robert Redford, Alan Cumming, Piper Laurie and JK Simmons amongst others.

But with a baby on the way, Lesley-Anne decided in 2009 that it was time to move closer to home and withy help from Business Gateway started making plans to launch her company in Scotland.   

“The big problem at the beginning was networking.  I launched Big Baby in the States in December 2005 so all my contacts are on the other side of the Atlantic.  I wasn’t sure where to begin over here so I contacted Business Gateway and my adviser, Ann Scott, was fantastic.  She started making connections for me in addition to providing advice on a whole range of business issues. ” 

With support from Business Gateway and others, Big Baby is now gaining a foothold in the highly competitive UK media industry with Lesley-Anne’s expanding network of contacts helping her to identify potential new projects. 

“Simply put, the faster we get to know people the faster we can get productions from pitch to production,” says the film maker.  “I love it here and there is no reason why, if we plan carefully and use the support that is available to us, we can’t create a successful business.”

This thought is echoed by Lesley-Anne’s adviser at Business Gateway, Ann Scott.  “It was a big decision to move from the United States and launch the business in Scotland but Lesley-Anne did the right thing by seeking professional advice from Business Gateway.   Things seem to be going really well and as Big Baby develops we are continuing to help the company on a range of business issues."