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Classical Landscape No.3

Classical Landscape No.3

Artist: Norman Ackroyd

Catalogue: 155

Material: Aquatint and Etching

Dimensions: 50.8 x 50.8cm

Date: 1970


About the artwork

Classical Landscape No. 3 is one of a series of aquatints painted directly with acid. The varied bands of grey alter in size and intensity, giving a sense of perspective as they suggest the soft tonal changes that take place in a landscape as it stretches into the distance.

About the artist

Norman Ackroyd RA (born 1938), studied at Leeds College of Art and The Royal College of Art, London. He is one of Britain’s foremost landscape artists and contemporary printmakers working today. He is known primarily for his monochromatic aquatints. Depending on the locale, atmospheric conditions and intended mood, his compositions are minimalist, giving an abstract, sometimes geometric impression. Often they depict or suggest naturalistic elements, e.g., hills, clouds, rainbows. Even when depicting rainbows, Ackroyd uses colour only very sparingly. Although his work almost never includes the human figure, the landscape subjects he prefers are often ones of age-old human habitation.